Do You Berlin

Cover art illustration for a podcast︎︎︎ about three foreigners journaling their daily lives and immersion into Berlin’s culture.

Our goal was to develop a gender-neutral character who encompassed Berlin’s numerous stereotypes. The
inspiration︎︎︎ was drawn from pop icons and topics discussed throughout the show.


Tim Cobos
Art Direction
Enok Kim + Tim Cobos

Budsy Emerald

Lead the art direction for Puffco’s inconspicuous green-tinted water bottle bong, Budsy Emerald.

Emerald was the first color series release and our goal was to create a vibrant environment that would draw attention away from the devices direct use. This allowed us to display Budsy’s internals and intentions while keeping its discretion.

3D Artist

Sohrob Fatoorechie
Art Direction + Graphic Design
Sohrob Fatoorechie + Tim Cobos


Helped the Puffco creative team concept and build the key art visual to promote Puffcon︎︎︎, an outdoor festival that was free to all users who purchased a Peak or Peak Pro digital vaporizer.

My direct role in this collaboration was to provide conceptual sketches for key visuals and logo explorations. Ideas and sketches were then passed off to BluMoo for further development.

Creative Production
Mo Carpio + Kaitlynn Scannell
Graphic Design
Jordi aka BluMoo + Daniel Paris + Michael Corey + Tim Cobos
Art Direction + Branding
Daniel Paris + Michael Corey + Tim Cobos

Peak Pro Travel Pack

Marketing assets to launch Puffco’s first Travel Pack color way. With nothing more than two hex color codes and the help of a powerhouse 3D studio, the Puffco team conceptualized a story that traveled where many don’t believe we’ve ever been.

My contribution was to help name the color way, assist with art direction, and tell a visual story established from said hex codes. The drop included the Oculus Carb Cap, Backpack, Chamber Tether, Chamber Jacket, and Mouthpiece in Solar Red & Lunar Gray.

3D Artist + Motion
Graphic Design
Michael Corey + Tim Cobos
Art Direction
Daniel Paris + Tim Cobos